We believe that preserving the natural healing energy of vegetal material is an essential element for radiant vitality and beauty.

From the untouched Himalayas to the pristine tropical shores, the East has an unrivaled ability to blend the healing secrets of plants with an age-old wellness ritual to restore, protect and nurture.

We select the finest, most potent botanicals collected from their original habitats to hydrate, purify and rejuvenate body and mind



YTSARA clients

Sofitel Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia ∙
Intercontiental, Huizhou, China ∙
Sofitel, Sunrich, Guanzhou, China ∙
Prana Spa, Chennai, India ∙
Four Seasons, Chiang Mai, Thailand ∙
Napasai Orient Express, Samui, Thailand ∙
Sofitel Metropole, Hanoi, Vietnam ∙
Intercontinental, Saigon, Vietnam ∙
Laguuni Spa, Turku, Finland ∙
K-West Hotel, London, UK ∙
Lough Erne, Eniskillen, Ireland ∙
La Cala, Mijas, Spain ∙
Reid’s Palace, Madeira, Portugal ∙
MOP Spa, St Petersburg, Russia ∙
Preston Wynne at Hotel Lo, CA, USA ∙
Marriott Laguna Cliffs, CA,  USA ∙
Acqua Spa, Kissimee, FL, USA ∙
Maroma Resort and Spa, Riviera, Mexico ∙
Intercontinental Phoenicia, Beirut Lebanon ∙
JAL Fujairah Resort & Spa, Dubai, UAE




Product range

Dedicated to discerning clients, our products are 100% plant derived and full of essential oils, plant extracts, natural vegetal oils, flower water and dried herbs. Our products are manufactured in Thailand under the highest international standards and are registered in more than 35 countries.
We offer different product categories to cater to the needs of spas

- Professional: 40 SKU
- Retail: 32 SKU
- Amenity: 11 SKU
- Ritual products: 12 SKU






Inspired by the smell of the earth after the rain, the gold color of the end of afternoon, the clouds of mist over treetops in the blue morning light, our hearts beating with the waves on a clear water shore, children bringing flowers to appease the deities, smiles and happiness, pure clean nature, giving to us and forgiving us, always… It is a way of looking at things that embraces beauty, balance and pleasure. It is beauty wrought from a love of life, a love of health, and showing loving kindness towards people and nature; a beauty that goes beyond external appearances. It is balance handed down through generations, learned from the wisdom of the natural world, this unique phenomenon that gracefully restores energy, vitality and peace of mind. It is pleasure designed to fill the soul with joy and make the days light and effortless. It is the force of nature that nurtures your whole self.




Ytsara story


We created Ytsara because we believe it is possible to formulate effective natural products with refined luxurious textures inspired by age-old Asian ingredients in a tradition that respects both the skin and the environment.

Ytsara was founded in 2001 after many years of meticulous research and development with trained Thai ethnobotanists, physicians and traditional doctors.




Know how

First we see ourselves as plant hunters. We travel to Asia to find botanical material well-known by locals and ethnobotanists for its potential.  Our Research and Development team confirms the quality of the botanical material before being carefully blended into our unique 100% plant-derived, active rich formulas.

We never compromise on the quality of our raw materials. We select only the purest, highest-grade ingredients for which we are willing to pay the right (sometimes very high) price. We often visit our supplier partners to ensure they maintain the highest standards.

Our products are manufactured in Thailand under strict international standards (GMP, Iso 9002) and are registered under the ASEAN FDAs, the US FDA and in the EU.




Behind the scene

Our products are 100% plant-derived with a 3-year shelf life.

All our products are free of petroleum, animal derivatives, synthetic ingredients or fragrances, parabens and phenoxyethanol.

We preserve products from microbial attacks by blending seven plant extracts into our formulas: Grapefruit, Azunaro, Magnolia, Bee propolis, Green tea, Willow and Matricaria. These extracts add anti-aging and moisturizing properties to all our creams.

We select our ingredients for their renewable potential and discard any material that would threaten a fragile ecosystem.

We select only recycled or recyclable packaging and use soya ink for printing.






Our products are so natural that we are the only Thai skincare company selected by the EU to soon become Natrue certified.

NATRUE is a Brussels-based, independent, nonprofit organization, certifying products with:
- Only water, natural ingredients, derived natural ingredients and nature identical ingredients
- Manufacturing processes for natural skin care and their raw materials are strictly regulated
- Levels of natural ingredients are very strict
- Brands or product lines have at least 75% of products certified according to the NATRUE requirements



Giving back


Every day we are thankful to receive gifts from rich Asian nature, to receive wisdom passed down through generations, to receive unspoiled generosity and compassion.

We believe we cannot only receive or take. We believe that, to keep the virtuous circle, we must give back.

- Education: Children are our future, so we are making donations to several children’s homes in Thailand to ensure a better education for poor children.

- Restoration of native forest: The PATT Foundation aims to restore tropical forest biodiversity to improve environmental conditions for both human and wildlife populations as well as a means to sequester atmospheric CO2. We donate 1% of our turnover to PATT and encourage our clients the world over to donate too.



Treatment philosophy


We have created 35 exclusive treatments for face and body to appeal to different client groups and are constantly creating new ones.

We believe that flowing energy in our body is the essential element to ensure total health and wellness. A combination of plant energy found in our products and specific techniques during treatments work in synergy to restore and balance energy levels. Our team of specialists has assembled a century’s old-practice focusing on energy techniques as a means to combat modern ailments.

We are strongly convinced that in addition to good products and good treatments a therapist full of energy will make all the difference. We have therefore developed techniques to help therapists protect and replenish their energy levels during and after each treatment.




Brain wave therapy


Some of Ytsara treatments will soon use brainwave therapy for a more holistic approach

What is it?


First discovered by biophysicist Gerald Oster, brainwave therapy sends pure, precisely tuned sound waves of different frequencies to the brain via stereo headphones that drive brain activity into specific brain states. Thus, effortlessly and naturally, brain activity becomes organized and coherent. Within minutes, the sound frequencies start to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which creates a remarkable state called hemispheric synchronization. This drives the electrical activity of the brain into powerful states that are normally unattainable. 






All treatments are traditional and have been revised for a high-end, results-driven spa that blends Asian wellness knowledge with Western techniques.

Our specialists have been trained to teach your staff our holistic spa programs with a step-by-step approach:

- On hands
- On protocols
- On product knowledge
- On rituals
- On sales & merchandising techniques
- On how to deliver the best experience to the guest

Trainees shall receive a Ytsara certificate upon successful test completion.




Exclusive services


We are dedicated to offer high-end services to all our spa clients. For some however, we are willing to go one step beyond and further extend our services for an exclusive offer:

- Creation of signature treatments with special techniques and equipment
- Creation of rituals to reflect the concept of the spa
- Creation of in-room spa offer
- Creation of products for in-room offer
- Training assistance for hands-on protocols and sales
- Promotional and staff incentive plan

- VIP treatment demo and goodie bags for spa opening


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